Does Trying To Solve Your Chronic Pain Feel Like You’re A Dog Chasing Its’ Tail?

Brajesh Singh
3 min readSep 7, 2021

I want to help you heal yourself from chronic pain and for this I’m going to share a metaphor and also the cause for chronic pain so that you can use this information to help you heal yourself.

So one day a dog went to see a psychologist and he said “Hey doc I have this problem that I just can’t seem to solve the harder I try the worse it gets. I’ve tried all these ingenious ways to solve it but the problem just seems to get even more complicated. Can you help me.”

The doctor said “Sure can you do the problem now?”

And the dog said “Of course watch!” And the dog started running around and chasing his tail and the doctor smiled and he said “Oh we get this a lot it’s called Tailititis, you’re chasing your tail.”

The dog said “What really? I’m chasing my tail? Oh my god, is it really that simple? Wow you’re right, I’m just chasing my tail I can’t believe it, I’m so embarrassed, I’ve been doing this for years. Wow I feel so much better. I’m just gonna stop chasing my tail. Thanks a lot doc, I get it, see ya!”

The next day another dog came to see the doctor and he said “Doc I have this problem, the harder I try to solve it, the worse the problem gets…”

The doctor said “Can you do the problem right now?”

And the dog said “Sure,” and he started chasing his tail.

The doctor smiled and he said “Hey we see this all the time it’s called Tailititis. You’re just chasing your tail.”

The dog looks at the doctor and he goes “Wow really that’s it, it’s as easy as that, I’m just chasing my tail? Wow it’s such a pain. Doc you’re right…but doc…how do I catch it?”

Can you see the difference between the two dogs, which dog is going to end up healing themselves and which dog, even though he understands the situation is probably going to make things worse?

Chronic pain is the same thing. The cause of chronic pain is our monkey mind, generating thousands of thoughts per second, generating a lot of stress and tension, and leading to physical pain.

The solution is also as simple, to recognize that we all have a monkey mind, that the job of the mind is to think, and the solution is to let it be, there is no need to chase those thoughts, just let them be.

While it sounds easy, it’s not always easy for everyone. You knew how to do this when you were five years old. But in adulthood, we have a lot more thoughts, and they seem to fill our every moment, but the secret is to know you we be a five year old at any time, just allow the thoughts and know that you are just “feeling your thinking” and that this is completely normal. Everyone is just feeling their thinking.

And if you need more help, just reach out to me at and I can help you with a program to heal yourself from chronic pain in 28 days or less, with a 97% success rate.



Brajesh Singh

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