Emotions and Chronic Pain

Brajesh Singh
2 min readNov 13, 2021
Can you overcome this illusion?

Do you suffer from emotional pain or physical pain? Read on.

In the above illusion, if you look at just the horizontal lines, the line on top appears to be longer than the line at the bottom. Agree? However, if you measure them (go ahead use a ruler to measure them if you like) you will realize that they are the same length.

While that’s surprising, that’s not the most surprising thing. What’s even more surprising is, that now you know, you still can’t change the illusion! Even when you know, the line on top still looks longer. There is nothing you can do about it! You could look at it for years, and it will still fool you, even though you know better. What’s this got to do with emotional or chronic pain?

Shown in many psychological studies, noticing and acknowledging your emotions dissipates them.

So the solution to your emotion pain is simple, just realize that you are feeling your emotions, but you are safe.

It’s like the puzzle. Your emotions want to keep you safe, so sometimes they go into overdrive, flooding your amydala and overwhelming you with emotional or physical pain. Unless there is a lion around, you are safe, you are just feeling your emotions. It’s an illusion. You are safe. Just ratioanlize that you are safe, notice the emotions and they will dissipate. It’s that easy. And the illusion is powerful, so practice it everyday. Just like the two lines, you will never get over the illusion, only rational thought will get you out of the cycle.



Brajesh Singh

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