Your Mind Is Not Your Friend (when it comes to chronic pain)

Your mind is not your friend. Your heart is. Trust your heart, turn off your mind, let go, and you can be pain free in a matter of days. This is not a thinking process and clearly you are a thinker. The more you think, the harder it will be.

Be a cat or a dog. They don’t hold on to anything, they are happy, sad, angry, anxious, excited, fearful in a matter of minutes. They live with their hearts, and they live safe healthy lives. Lucky for them, they don’t have an advanced mind.

We do. It’s our strength and our liability. In summary, our mind should be slave to our heart, but for people like me and you that repress, we make our heart slave to our mind, and imprison ourselves in pain. All this is said with love.

to you.



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Brajesh Singh

Author of #1 Amazon Bestseller "The Straw That Broke the Camel's Back"